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Noteworthy Lots

Items of particular interest which have changed hands in recent sales:

Shelley Floral Handled Dainty Trio c1932

Shelley floral handled blue trio c.1932An unusual pattern 11995 in the floral handled Dainty series this blue and pink floral handled trio with pale blue and graduated wash attracted 13 bids from 5 separate bidders on Ebay with a final bid of £321.11 securing the purchase. The Pattern Books show this pattern recorded as introduced in 1932 and consistent with this the trio has the 'Shelley Endland' backstamp. The item was said to be in "excellent condition, each piece ringing clearly and thus confirming the presence of no hidden hairlines; certainly no chips or cracks nor any scratching, fading, rubbing, crazing, discolouration, etc., and no restoration."


Shelley Vogue Coffee Pot - Yellow Chevron Pattern No.11776/31

Shelley Vogue coffee pot yellow chevron pattern no 11776/31
This Shelley Vogue coffee pot sold on the second time around on Ebay. Originally (inadvertantly) described as " A stunning Shelley Vogue small jug from coffee set. In excellent condition with no damage or restoration" it was offered for sale with a 'Buy it Now' price of £795.00 although a lower unknown price appears to have been accepted. A great purchase for someone.


Wileman Intarsio Shakespeare Twin Handled Vase

Wileman Intarsio Shalespeare Twin Handled Vase

Described as
"...this wonderful & rarest of Vintage Arts & Crafts china consisting of a 22.5cm high footed twin handled vase.And  in remarkable condition with no  cracks , chips  or restoration .And  in the stunning & vibrant Shakespeare Much A Do About Nothing Federick Rhead design dating from 1903", this vase sold on Ebay for £167.00 plus postage. 4 bidders hotly contested for the piece placing 13 bids between them.


Wileman Foley Faience Wall Plaques 1894-1910 (F.A. Rhead)

Frederick Rhead Wall Plaque (1) Frederick Rhead Wall Plaque (2)

These rarely seen and lovely Art Nouveau wall plaques by Fredrick Rhead have just sold separately on Ebay. Each measuring 30 cm in diameter, and bearing the Faience backstamp, plaque (1) attracted 6 bids and was secured by a final bid of £155.55 and plaque (2) attracted 2 bids and sold for £142.00 + £12.00 in each case. Modest amounts considering their rarity.



Vintage Shelley English Lustred Porcelain "Fish" Vase ~ Walter Slater C1920

Walter Slater Fish Vase

On a second listing on Ebay this item attracted a single bidder and sold for £175.00. Described as " A most attractive Early 20th Century Vintage Shelley English Porcelain Vase by leading designer Walter Slater, decorated with a fish swimming amongst waterweed, the sparkling irridescent pale green lustre heightened with gilding.
The underside of the base with printed Maker's Mark in gilt and facsimile signature "Walter Slater" in black script. Height ~ 18cm Year ~ Circa 1920. Excellent condition".


Wileman "Urbato " earthenware shaving mug/ toothbrush holder
wileman urbato toothbrush holder
This rare Wileman & Co."Urbato " earthenware shaving mug/ toothbrush holder from between 1894 - 1910 has just sold on Ebay. Described as "This attractive English pottery stands approximately 6" high and has a wonderful arts and craft sqeeze bag design. The bottom is numbered " A 7059". There is minor crazing along with small bits of finish loss and a chip at the base which is all forgivable considering the rarity of the pattern". Despite its rarity it only attracted one bidder and was secured for a price of C$99.00 (approx £56.00) + postage.


Eric Slater 'Mikado' Vase

Eric Slater Mikado Vase

A rare and unusual vase came up for auction at Halls of Shrewsbury in their two day sale on the 26th & 27th April. The vase shows a geisha girl holding a lantern with a lantern hanging in a tree and a bridge in the background. Eric Slater called this design ‘Mikado’, it carries the Shelley back stamp and a Walter Slater facsimile signature. A condition report showed a small section of glaze crazing to the hand of the geisha girl. A hairline crack extends for 5.5cm round the bottom of the vase. The vase had an estimate of £600 to £800, it sold for £550 + commission, making a total of £682.


Shelley Floral Handled Teapot

floral handled teapot This lovely Dainty shaped tea pot with floral handle and finial, decorated with flowers and insects with yellow hand painted edging/rims (Pattern No. 2161 has just sold on Ebay.  The teapot was stated as 'in restored condition with a hot water crack part way around the bottom which has been stabilized and professionaly restored on the outside of the teapot so you cannot see but still visible on the inside. The teapot stands approx 5½ inches tall to the top of the finial and measures approx 7½ inches wide from the tip of the spout to the rear of the handle. The item attracted 15 bids, ultimately going to the initial bidder for £280.70 + postage.


Wileman & Co Intarsio model of a Gallé style cat

Wileman Intarsio Cat
A Wileman & Co Foley Intarsio pottery model of a Gallé style cat, circa 1900, designed by Frederick Rhead, modelled seated with green glass eyes and smiling mouth, decorated with yellow fleur-de-lis motifs on a blue ground, printed factory mark and painted '3321' to interior, height 24.4cm (chip to one ear), was recently sold for £1400 at a West Sussex auction.


Mallard Ducks in Flight - Stand
Mallard Ducks in Flight Stand

This was in an auction very recently and sold for £300 + 22% commission + VAT (total £379.20). It is a plaque similar to a menu stand but with a heavy gold border and has the 'Mallard Ducks in Flight' design on it. It is now up for sale on Ebay with a £1200 starting bid. Described as hand painted, it is a print and then painted in. Watch this space.


Wileman Dainty Open Jug with Rare Stamped Lid

Wileman Dainty open jug with rare Foley stamped lid
This rather discoloured open jug may well have escaped attention on Ebay were it not for the stamping on the metal lid which reads 'FOLEY PROV. No. 23438/99'. Does anyone know what the number refers to? Only 2 bidders (with 3 bids in all) were interested in this piece which was secured by a winning bid of £16.50.


Wileman "Intarsio" Art Nouveau Large Bowl By Frederick Rhead

Wileman Intarsio Art Nouveau Large Bowl by Frederick Rhead This large Wileman "Intarsio" Art Nouveau bowl (registration number 365797 and pattern number 3426) with stunning stylised design of art nouveau flowers and large geese,cockerels, hens and chicks all around, by Fredrick Rhead has just been sold on Ebay. The bowl was described as in good order but with some damages - A 3" hairline crack running down the inside of bowl with old staple repair and a large section where two pieces have been broken and been glued back into position,together with some scratches to centre of brown glaze in bowl.
Measuring, approximately, 12 inches in diameter and 4 inches in height the bowl attracted bids immediately and was finally secured, after 19 bids, for £130.

Home Guard Tankard

Shelley home guard tankard front

This tankard has been recently acquired by one of our members. The crest on the front is for the 3rd Staffs (Longton) Battalion North Stafford Home Guard. On the back it has the Home Guard crest in enamel and underneath 3rd Staff (Longton) Bn. Home Guard. It also has the initials ERB on the side which was hand painted on when the tankard was produced. It is believed that the initials are of the person it was presented to.
A similar tankard has been seen before with a gold handle and additionally, written on the front under the crest ‘Memento of Service with ‘C’ Company Home Guard. Meir 1940 – 1945 and on the back a list of the officers. That tankard is listed in the Specials Pattern Book - pattern number 757.

The plain brown tankard has not been seen before- it is not a thing of beauty but it is rare.

Why is the 3rd Staffs (Longton) Battalion Home Guard of interest? - simply Vincent Bob Shelley (one of the Shelley brothers) was the Battalion Commander and held the rank of Lt. Colonel.