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Shelley History - The Products - Earthenware

(Updated 21/06/2019)

Over the 110 years or so of its operation, the range of products from the Shelley and Wileman potteries was truly enormous. Ignoring the specific decoration, the range of shapes manufactured for numerous purposes is very extensive, and there are many different kinds of decorating processes.  We have listed those that we know were manufactured and illustrated some of them.

John King Knight & Henry Wileman - 1852-1856

Knight & Wileman Dish
Knight & Wileman Plate
Willow Pattern Dish
Willow Pattern Plate
Henry Wileman   1856-1864
Henry Wileman Willow Pattern Dish
Henry Wileman Etruscan Pattern Dish
Willow Pattern Dish
Etruscan Pattern Plate
James and Charles Wileman   1864-1866
J & C Wileman Asiatic Pheasant Pattern Plate
J & C Wileman Flora Pattern Plate
J & C Wileman Ironstone Jug
Asiatic Pheasant Pattern Plate
Flora Pattern Plate
Ironstone Jug
Earthenware Works - James F. Wileman   1866-1892
During the 26 years from 1866 to 1892, when he retired completely and the factory was closed, James F. Wileman produced a great variety of earthenware products. These included tea ware, dinner services, toilet sets, children's ware and jelly moulds. To date, over 80 different named patterns that were used on these wares have been identified by the backstamps.
Cups, Saucers, Plates
Bowls, Jugs, Teapots
Sugar Boxes
Meat Dishes
Gravy Boats
Albert Pattern Trio
Chinese Plant Pattern Plate
Pippin Pattern Teapot
Albert Pattern Trio
Chinese Plant Pattern Plate
Pippin Pattern Teapot
  Toilet Sets        
Soap Dishes
Toothbrush Pots
Chamber Pots
Flower Sprays Pattern Ewer
Stag Pattern Chamber Pot
Spring Pattern Soap Dish
Flower Sprays Pattern Ewer
Stag Pattern Chamber Pot
Spring Pattern Soap Dish
Jelly Moulds
Mammoth Cups & Saucers
Commemorative Items
Victoria Jubilee Mammoth Cup & Saucer
Jelly Mould
Seasons Pattern Mammoth Cup
Queen Victoria Jubilee - Mammoth Cup and Saucer
Jelly Mould
Seasons Pattern Mammoth Cup
Earthenware Works - Wileman & Co. 1890's - 1910
In 1894 Wileman & Co. by then a Shelley Company, built a new earthenware works with offices, showroom and warehouses adjoining the existing China works. The appointment of Frederick Rhead as Art Director in 1896 had a dramatic influence on the style and variety of earthenware products produced.
  Arts & Crafts Pottery        

The earliest earthenware production to bear the Wileman & Co. backstamp is known as "Art" pottery or "Arts & Crafts" wares. This ware bears the Wileman & Co. "Faience" stamp and has pattern number incised on the bottom/back. These pattern numbers have three ranges, a 10,000 series, which are generally Spanno Lustre wares; an 11,000 series, which usually have Pâte-Sur-Pâte decoration and a 12,000 series, which are mostly a combination of Sgraffito and Drip decoration. The last three digits in the number is the shape number. Known Items of "Arts & Crafts" pottery include Vases, Jardiniéres, Toilet Ware and Wall Plaques.

10002_Spano Lustra Vase
10003_Spano Lustra Vase
10018_Spano Lustra Vase
10026_Spano Lustra Vase
10003_Pate-Sur-Pate Vase
11016_Pate-Sur-Pate Chamber Pot
Vase No.10,002
Spano Lustre
Vase No.10,003
Spano Lustre
Vase No.10,018
Spano Lustre
Vase No.10,026
Spano Lustre
Vase No.11,003
No.11,016 Chamber Pot
1054_Wall Plaque
11060_Pate-Sur-Pate vase
12003_Sgraffito and Drip Vase
12011_Sgraffito and Drip Vase
12027_Sgraffito and Drip Vase
12036_Sgraffito and Drip Vase
No. 11,054
Wall Plaque
Vase No. 11,060
Vase No. 12,003
Vase No. 12,011
Vase No. 12,027
Vase No. 12,036
First Series Urbato Ware - 1000 series numbers
The First Series "Urbato" ware uses the "Sgraffito" technique of decoration. This entails applying a second layer of coloured slip to the unfired vessel and selectively cutting and scraping this away to reveal the original colour below, and leaving the desired decoration in relief. Often, multiple colours of slip would be applied in different areas. This technique is clearly time consuming and expensive, which probably accounts for why so few examples have come to light.
First Series "Urbato" ware has pattern numbers in the 1000 series, the last two digits being the shape number.
Vase No. 1014
Vase No. 1020
Vase No. 1021
Vase No. 1022
Vase No. 1023
Vase No. 1084
Drip Ware - 2000 series numbers
Only two examples are known with pattern numbers in the 2000 series. These are both vases and are decorated by dipping the ware into a streaky glaze and then dripping some of this on as well. Again the last digits are the shape number.
Vase No.2005
Vase No.2020
  Intarsio Ware - 3000 & 7000 series numbers      

Introduced by Frederick Rhead, "Intarsio" was probably the largest and most popular range of Art Pottery produced by Wileman & Co. To produce the under-glaze decoration a paper transfer of the design outline is first applied to a bisque fired body and then, with under-glaze colours and possibly coloured glazes, paintresses would fill in the outline using the specified colours. One can only admire the skill of the girls and ladies who rarely strayed outside the printed lines. Finally the ware was dipped in an earthenware glaze and fired to produce the glazed surface.

The range of Intarsio wares produced included Vases, Tea Caddies, Coffee Pots, Tea Pots, Jugs, Jardiniére and Pedestals, Flowerpots, Bowls, Wall Plaques, Covered Pots, Pen and Ink Well Sets, Model Animals. Toby Jugs, Candle Sticks, Letter Racks, Trinket Sets, Clock Cases, Stick Stands, Tiles, Biscuit Jars, Toilet Sets, Tobacco Jars etc.

Intarsio pattern numbers are primarily in the 3000 series with a few 7000 series numbers. Again the last digits began as the shape numbers, but when a shape was re-used with a different pattern this rule was broken.

Tea Caddy
No. 3011
Wall Plaque
No. 3020
Candle Stick
No. 3091
Letter Rack
No. 3085
Clock Case
No. 3115
Ink Pot & Pen Tray
No. 3089/90
Flower Pot
No. 3145
Biscuit Jar
No. 3294
Imperial Crown
Teapot - No. 3183
Blue Cat
No. 3321
Large Bowl
No. 3427
Tobacco Jar
No. 3337
Second Series Urbato Ware - 4000 series numbers

The Second series of Urbato Ware has the same Wileman & Co. backstamp as the First series, but the method of decoration is very different. The bisque fired body would first have been coloured all over the area to be decorated with the specified under-glaze colour. The pattern of decoration would then have been applied, possibly using coloured glazes. Finally the pattern was outlined in white "tube lining", similar to that used by cake decorators and applied through a nozzle. There are examples where the tube lining is coloured to match the body colours, but it is clear that this colour has been applied over the original white. The decorated ware would then have been dipped in an earthenware glaze and fired to produce the glazed surface. It is clear that this process would have been very much less labour intensive than was that of the first series.

Known items include Vases, Clock Cases, Coffee Pots, Toilet Sets and Stick Stands

Second Series Urbato has 4000 series pattern numbers with the last digits being the shape number when the shape was re-used with a different colour of decoration a suffix A, B C etc was used.

Urbato_4022 B
Urbato_4021 A
Urbato_4053 A
Urbato_4026 B
No. 4014 B
Large Jar (ex lid)
No. 4022 B
No. 4021 A
Coffee Pot (ex lid)
No. 4053 A
Loving Cup
No. 4026 B
Tall Vase
No. 4056
Urbato_7058 B
Low Vase
No. 4044
Clock Case
No. 4115
Part Toilet Set
No. 7058 B
Umbrella Stand
No. 4118
No. 4505
Small Vase
No. 4041
Cloisello Ware - 5000 series numbers
Wileman & Co. Cloisello Ware is very scarce, only four examples having come to light. It does not appear in any of the pattern books and appears to have been made for exhibition or for special orders. The known examples are re-worked Intarsio items where the original black pattern outline has been carefully gone over in gold, giving the original Intarsio pattern a gold outline.   The  first digit of the original 3000 series number on the base of the pieces has been changed to a 5, thus the original Intarsio number 3030 is now 5030. In some instances the word "INTARSIO" on the backstamp has been blacked out and "CLOISELLO" printed below it, or somewhere else on the base if there was insufficient room.
No. 5030
No. 5042
No. 5042
Lidded Bowl
No. 5054
Tall Vase
No. 5056
Pastello Ware - Number 3548
Wileman & Co. Items with this style of decoration have a unique backstamp bearing the word "Pastello" but, unlike most of the earthenware ranges, they all share the same number 3548, with the shape number shown separately. The decoration is always the same and depicts a cottage with a smoking chimney.
Pastello Large Jug
Pastello vase
Pastello Flowerpot
Pastello Miniature Jug
Pastello Small Jug
Pastello Plate
Large Jug
No. 3548
No. 3548
No. 3548
Miniature Jug
No. 3548
Small Jug
No. 3548
No. 3548
Faience Ware - Various Numbers
The Faience name was applied to a very wide range of items and types of decoration. Notably there are many different series with the same pattern applied to many different shapes. The pictures below give an indication of the wide variety and also indicate which are examples of ranges.
Faience Wall Plaque
Faience Candlestick
Faience Moon Flask
Faience Delphic Green
Faience Delphic Sunset
Faience Plate Dickens Scenes
  Wall Plaque Candlestick Large Moon Flask Vase Vase Display Plate  
Shape No.70
Plain version of
Intarsio No.3070
Shape No.94
Pattern Blue Clematis
Pattern No.7336
Shape No.23
Pattern Delphic Green
Pattern No.7332
Shape No.2
Pattern Delphic Sunset
Series - 'Dickens Subjects'
Oliver Twist and
The Artful Dodger
Faience Sunflower Clock
Faience Old Chelsea
Faience American Jug
Faience Japan pattern Teapot
Faience Tobacco Jar Faience Grotesque  
  Sunflower Clock Vase American Jugs Teapot Tobacco Jar Dog of Fo  
  Pattern No. 7293 Pattern No. 8004
Shape No. 4
"Old Chelsea" Pattern
Pattern No. 7611
Shape No. 51
Monks Fishing Pattern
"Tomorrow will be Friday"
Item No. 3177
"Japan" Pattern
Hat shape Tobacco Jar with clay pipe handle
and Yorkshire Motto
Item No.3099
Shape No.99
Grotesque Figure
"Dog of Fo"
Faience Windmills and Boats - Boat
Faience Windmills and Boats
Faience Shakespeare Subjects
Faience Toilet Set Jug
Faience Hunting Subjects
Faience Scottie Jug
  Handled Vase Tall Vase Handled Bowl Toilet Set Jug Vase Toby Jug - Scotsman  
  Shape No.20
Pattern "Windmills and Boats" - Boat
Shape No.15
Pattern "Windmills and Boats" - Windmill
Pattern No. 7611
Shape No. 507
Shakespeare Subjects
"Merry wives of Windsor"
Pattern No.7329
Shape "Roman Toilets"
Pattern "Tapestry"
Pattern No. 7371
Shape No. 4
Pattern "Hunting Scenes"
Pattern No. 7623
Shape No. 522
"Scottie Jug"
Earthenware Works - Shelley Potteries Ltd. - 1910-1946
In 1910 the trade name was changed to Shelley Potteries Ltd. and a new "Shield" shape backstamp bearing the name Shelley was introduced. For a few years the words "Late Foley" were added above the shield. Walter Slater succeeded Frederick Rhead in 1905, and so the new Shelley Potteries products very much reflected the design changes that this brought about.
Intarsio Ware - Second Series- 3000 & 7000 series numbers
Although some of the old products were retained, many new shapes and patterns were introduced. New patterns were often applied to earlier shapes but, overall, the "Second Series" looks very different.
  Bottle Shape Vase Large Flat Vase Three Handled Spill Vase Rotund Vase Large Vase Large Handled Bowl  
  Bottle Shape Vase No. 3562
(Wileman Shape)
Large Flat Vase
No. 3608
(New Shape)
Three Handled
Vase  No. 3626
(Wileman Shape)
Rotund Vase
No. 3627
(New Shape)
Large Vase
No. 3634
(Wileman Shape)
Large Handled Bowl
No. 3636
(Wileman Shape)
  Clock Tall Coffee Pot Two Handled Vase Tall Square Vase Rectangular Vase Lidded Hexagonal Vase  
No. 3674
(Wileman Shape)
Tall Coffee Pot
No. 3678
(New Shape)
Two Handled Vase
No. 3681
(New Shape)
Tall Square Vase
No. 3696
(New Shape)
Rectangular Vase
No. 3698
(New Shape)
Hexagonal Vase
No. 3701
(New Shape)
  Cloisello Ware - Daisy Pattern 1913        
  Although a number of different patterns are stamped "Cloisello", the most well known is deep blue with small white flowers all over. First registered in 1913 it was originally called "Daisies" but was quickly changed and stamped "Cloisello" Ware.  
  Cheese Dish Decanter Jug Rectangular Vase Soap Bowl Meyer Jug  
  Cheese Dish Decanter - The
Duke of Wellington
Jug Rectangular Vase
With Cranes
Soap Bowl Meyer Jug  
Flamboyant Ware - 1910
These wares bear the word "Flamboyant" below the Shelley shield. As the name suggests, the wares are coloured a fiery red and have a pattern of poppies in black with gold coloured leaves.
  Flamboyant Clock Flamboyant Vase Flamboyant round vase with flared top Flamboyant large clock Flamboyant Vase Flamboyant Vase  
Pattern 7659
Shape 331
Pattern 7659
Shape 379
Round Vase
Pattern 7659
Shape 413
Large Clock
Pattern 7659
Shape 455
Pattern 7659
Shape 468
Pattern 7659
Shape 543
Various Series
A number of different series were produced, depicting various themes including Deer Stalking, Falconry, Festival of Empire, Fox Hunting,  Golf and Shakespeare. The images are from original artwork.
  Deer Stalking Falconry Festival of Empire Fox Hunting Shakespeare  
  Series 7667
Deer Stalking
Series 7682
Series 7713
Pageant Scenes
Festival of Empire
Series 7684
Fox Hunting
Series 7665
Walter Slater Lustre Ware - 1910-1925
During his period with Shelley, Walter Slater was responsible for the introduction of many new and innovative designs, but will be remembered mostly for his beautiful Lustre Ware. Lustre ware is highly prized even today, especially some of the earlier pieces, which have no pattern number but are signed by Walter Slater. See also Shelley Study - Walter Slater Lustreware
  Lustreware Commemorative Bowl - Signed Lustreware Bowl_Butterflies Lustreware Bowl_Floral Lustreware Bowl_Galleons Lustreware Bowl_Imperial Dragon Lustreware Bowl_Swans  
  Commemorative Bowl - Signed Lustreware Bowl
Lustreware Bowl
Lustreware Bowl
Lustreware Bowl
Imperial Dragon
Lustreware Bowl
  Lustreware Vase_Butterflies Lustreware Ginger Jar_Dragonfly Lustreware Vase_Fish Lustreware Vase_Fairies Lustreware Powder Bowl_Cranes Lustreware Vase_Poppies  
  Lustreware Vase
Ginger Jar
Lustreware Vase
Lustreware Vase
Powder Bowl
Lustreware Vase Poppies  
Miscellaneous Patterns - 1916-1940
In the latter years, Shelley produced a wide variety of patterns of decoration. Shown below is a representative sample of the patterns registered between 1916 and 1931, with some patterns in production until 1940.
  Pattern 8178_Violette Pattern 8334_Butterfly on Black Pattern 8365_Butterfly on Yellow Pattern 8462_Jazz Circles Pattern 8545_New Fruit Border Pattern 8589_Cranes on Tangerine Ground  
  Pattern No. 8178
Pattern No. 8334
Butterfly on Black
Pattern No. 8365
Butterfly on Yellow
Pattern No. 8462
Jazz Circles
Pattern No. 8545
New Fruit Border
Pattern No. 8589
Cranes on Tangerine
  Pattern 8590_Cranes on Scarlet Pattern 8637_Vine and Grapes on Scarlet Pattern 8639_Abstract Pattern Pattern 8655_Kingfisher on Scarlet Pattern 8658_Kingfisher on Black Pattern 8658_Pomegranate Lustre  
  Pattern No. 8590
Cranes on Scarlet
Pattern No. 8637
Vine and Grapes on Scarlet
Pattern No. 8639
Abstract Pattern
Pattern No. 8655
Kingfisher on Scarlet
Pattern No. 8655
Kingfisher on Black
Pattern No. 8658
Pomegranate Lustre
  Pattern 8677_Japanese Fruit Lustre Pattern 8718_Japanese Lake Scene Pattern 8718_Moresque Pattern 8719_Flora Pattern 8724_Persian Pattern 8727_Tulips  
  Pattern No. 8677
Japanese Fruit Lustre
Pattern No. 8682
Japanese Lake Scene
Pattern No. 8718
Pattern No. 8719
Pattern No. 8724
Pattern No. 8727 Tulips
Harmony Art Ware 1932-1940
Harmony Ware was introduced by Shelley in 1932. It evolved through a series of styles under the guidance of Eric Slater.  There were many different patterns on various items, a few of which are shown below.
  Harmony_Blue Vase Harmony_ Green Vase Harmony_Orange Vase Harmony_Pink Vase Harmony_Purple Vase Harmony_Turquoise Vase  
  Harmony Ware
Blue Vase
Harmony Ware
Green Vase
Harmony Ware
Orange Vase
Harmony Ware
Pink Vase
Harmony Ware
Purple Vase
Harmony Ware
Turquoise Vase
  Harmony_Biscuit Jar Harmony_Butter Dish Harmony_Cake Stand Harmony_Condiment Set Harmony_Preserve Jar Harmony_Lemon Juicer  
  Harmony Ware
Biscuit Jar
Harmony Ware
Butter Dish
Harmony Ware
Cake Stand
Harmony Ware
Condiment Set
Harmony Ware
Preserve Jar
Harmony Ware
Lemon Juicer