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(Updated 10/10/20)

Exhibition Go - Go - Go! - (Updated 23/10/20)
It seems eternity since the Shelley and Wileman Exhibition at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke on Trent was mounted and then promptly mothballed as corona virus wreaked havoc with our lives. Although still with us we have learned much about social distancing and a few days ago the Museum once again opened its doors to visitors. The exhibition is located on the first floor and entry is by prior reservation only. When booking, please make it clear that you wish to visit the exhibition on the first floor Ceramics Department. Reservations may be made by telephone - 01782 232323. Allocations are on a first come first served basis and are released each Monday morning for the remainder of the week. Restrictions prevent us providing a brochure at the museum however visitors will be able to access additional detailed notes of the exhibits through their mobile phone/tablet via a QR Code attached to each of the cabinets. A QR reader app. is needed and can be downloaded free of charge from the internet. The code only needs to be used once to obtain details for all cabinets.
The QR code looks like this:QR code for exhibition 2020
If you are unable to visit in person you may view the same notes at (UPDATED 23/10/20).
The exhibition is scheduled to run until 7 January 2021. Get there while you can!
In support of the exhibition we will be re-running the slide show featured earlier this year. To see this visit the Home page or click on this link.
In addition Stoke-on-Trent Museum and Art Gallery have released a video which may be previewed via the link below:

Virtually Connected
Over the past few weeks we have been considering how we maintain contact with members in what seems an endless round of coronavirus restrictions. Committee meetings have been held using 'Zoom' technology, with some success, and we have held Zoom familiarisation sessions with some of our members. Having held these trial sessions we are now ready to move forward with a short programme of presentations and later, hopefully, some local Zoom meetings to keep us all connected. You will have received an email from Gerry Pearce - Chairman, outlining the programme which is repeated below. If you haven't received this maybe we don't have your email address, so if you wish to join us please contact your regional representative or the Membership Secretary.
Zoom is not difficult to use - like all new things it just takes a little practice. Ask a friend if you need help or, again, the Group will try to provide assistance. Hope to see you soon.

Schedule of presentations :

- Friday 16 October – Back to Black (Roself and more designs on black ground) -by David Deller.
- Friday 23 October - Rare and Unusual Pieces - by Chris Davenport.
- Friday 30 October - Regent, A style Icon - by Olwen Dudgeon.

All presentations commence at 8.00pm.

Join the Show
Visitors to this site will know that our Home page features a slide show illustrating some of the wonderful Shelley and Wileman wares. The selection of these images is usually made by our webmaster. In the coming months we plan to involve members and invite you to submit your photos from your collections to be included. We aim to offer a varied slideshow every few weeks to appeal to a wide audience so it doesn't matter if your collection is based on jelly moulds or Intarsio - if you like it then send it in. Multiple photos may be submitted but may be separated and used over several months to meet our aim.

Photos should be sharp and preferably taken against a plain background so that we can easily change the background if required. Chintz on a 'busy' background is not ideal! The source of all photos will remain completely anonymous. Please send your entries to - Thank you.

NSCC Annual Conference 2020
Our American friends are hosting a virtual on line Zoom meeting this year in place of their normal conference. This will take place on 7 and 8 November for 4 hours each day starting at 2pm. New York time (6am. - Melbourne or 7pm. - London).

Participants will need to have Zoom software installed on their computer or tablet/phone - this can be downloaded free of charge from Prior registration is required. Please contact Lynn Smith -

There will be small meetings in advance to show you how to participate so that everyone is well prepared and can enjoy the day.

IACF Fairs Re-open
IACF have re-opened with a new calendar of fairs. Please see the Diary for details of upcoming fairs to the end of the year. In addition you can download the updated IACF calendar from this link.


Shelley Group - Annual Weekend & AGM
Regrettably despite some easing of restrictions, the Covid 19 virus continues to restrict our movements and we have found it necessary to postpone again our Annual Weekend. The new dates for your diary are 23 - 26 April 2021.

The Ray Reynolds Memorial Award 2020
Each year the Shelley Group makes an annual award, in the form of a Bursary for £500, to a student of Ceramics at the University of Staffordshire. This is a splendid way of commemorating our great friend, Ray Reynolds, and linking him and us with the cutting-edge of UK Ceramics. Details of this year's winner can be found on our Community Projects page.

Report to Charities Commission - 2019
The annual report to the Charities Commission for the year ended 31 October 2019 has now been published. To read the report please click on the following link - Annual Report 2019

Become a Member on-line
It is now even easier to become a member of the Shelley Group. The whole process including payment may now be completed on-line by following the link on the Become a Member page. We look forward to you joining us!

Pattern Book Index
Now that the final Pattern Books have received conservation work, an on-line index has been prepared listing the contents of each book. This will assist members in locating the pattern book relevant to their enquiry and also provide more information on dating individual patterns. This may be accessed from the Pattern Books page or directly from this link.

Page Updates
The following pages have recently been updated:

- Noteworthy Lots
- Diary

- Magazines
- Community Projects (Student Awards)
- Christmas Cards
- Library
- Books

Facebook icon Facebook Page 
We have a Facebook page on which you may post any comments or photos of your favourite pieces. In particular you may click on the icons at the foot of any page to 'Like' or, better still, 'Share' the site with your friends. We are always looking for new members so if you have an appreciation for Shelley and Wileman wares why not join us. You can read more about the Group on this site or email our membership secretary with your phone number for a chat.