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(Updated 08/09/19)


New September Slideshow - Harmony Re-visited
We last featured Harmony in January 2017 and this was well received. We had many more interesting images then than we had room to display so we have decided to use these and a few more including some less frequently found pieces, in our new September slideshow entitled 'Harmony Re-visited'. Take a look.

HELP! - Assistance Required Please.

Chris Watkins is collecting shape numbers to create a comprehensive listing. He has a sheet of 25 distinguishable shapes but no corresponding shape number. If anyone, member or otherwise, has another example of any of these, please will you email to

- A picture of the piece
- A picture of the base showing the three digit shape number
- Dimensions of the piece

Your assistance will be much appreciated.

2019 Annual Weekend and AGM
Another very successful Annual Weekend has passed and it was great to see many of our members present. Next years event will be held between 24-26 April 2020, once again at the Holiday Inn, Telford. Put the dates in your diary now. A full review of the Weekend is now included on this website in a new page - Annual Weekend and AGM. Click on the link to view.

'Harmony' Vase Shapes
Chris Watkins has completed another project - this time on 'Harmony' Vase Shapes. Part One recently included in the Shelley Study pages of this website has now been extended by the addition of Part Two to complete the project.


Walter Slater 'Lustreware'
Chris Watkins has completed yet another project - Walter Slater 'Lustreware'. Over 100 pieces of this fabulous earthenware with sizes are covered in this, his latest study. As usual, click on the link to view.

Community Projects.

Although we are best known as a collectors group, we are a Registered Charity - No.1097547 and we have included a new page on this website detailing some of the community projects we are involved in or have completed. Take a look at our new Community  Projects page. It is no longer a requirement to produce detailed accounts to the Charities Commission, however we do provide an annual report on our aims and activities. Read the Report to 31 October 2018 here.

Facebook icon NEW Facebook Page 
We now have a new Facebook page on which you may post any comments or photos of your favourite pieces. In particular you may click on the icons at the foot of any page to 'Like' or, better still, 'Share' the site with your friends. We are always looking for new members so if you have an appreciation for Shelley and Wileman wares why not join us. You can read more about the Group on this site or email our membership secretary with your phone number for a chat.

IMPORTANT - General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

GDPR became a legal obligation on The Shelley Group on 25 May 2018. The Committee is required by law to inform you of personal information it holds on you, why it holds this information, and to seek your positive and individual consent to holding this information for clearly defined purposes. For further details see our Privacy page.

Japan Ware
The National Shelley China Club have recently included a study of Shelley and Wileman Japan ware to their website following a talk given by Carolyn Keating at their last conference. This study has kindly been made available to all collectors and we have included a new page - Japan Ware - on our site with links to this study. Take a look.

The 'Collectors Guide to Shelley and Wileman Intarsio' by Les Foley, has now been reprinted and includes a supplement by Chris Watkins noting new finds since the first edition was published - price £17.00 (£12.00 to members) and may be purchased through the Shelley Bookshop.
Please note there have been a number of price changes to other publications.

Page Updates
The following pages have recently been updated:

- Noteworthy Lots
- Diary

- Magazines
- Recent Events
- Earthenware