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(Updated 21/04/24)


Teapot Shapes V2
As announced at the Annual Weekend and AGM at Telford recently, we have now updated our Teapot Shapes page in similar style to that of Cup Shapes, Milk Jugs and Maps. The page is interactive by clicking or tapping on the separate images to produce an enlarged view and then following the 'Next', 'Previous', or 'Close' buttons. As this is a significant update to the previous version, your comments will be appreciated in respect of any further amendments needed, errors noted or additional teapots found. Please contact with details.

New Slideshow - 2024 Annual Weekend & AGM
Another year and another very successful Annual Weekend & AGM at the Holiday Inn, Telford. Our latest slideshow features photos from this event - a full report will be available shortly. If you have not already seen the slideshow head to our Home page or click on this link.

'Dawn Chorus - Shelley Birds
If you missed Linda Ellis's Zoom presentation entitled 'Dawn Chorus - Shelley Birds' on Friday 22 March, a recording of this is now available under Video Presentations-Playlist or may be viewed directly from this link. This was originally presented by Steve Palmer at the Shelley Group Annual Weekend in 2016.

Potteries Auctions
Following earlier successful auctions of Shelley and Wileman ceramics, the Potteries Auctions near Stoke on Trent, will be selling more of the extensive collections of our late members, Les and Enid Foley and Ian and Sheila Davies. Included are rare and beautiful items from across the years of the pottery. Look out for future auctions in 2024 at https:/ - search for both Wileman and Shelley. These are live auctions and it is possible to bid, online (directly with the Potteries or via the Saleroom and Easylive) or by leaving commission bids. Details at the Potteries Auctions web site.

*** See the highlights of the latest auction on 7-9 March 2024 ***

New Web page - Maps - A J Potts
The maps designs found on Wileman and Shelley china were introduced and registered, not by the pottery, but Arthur J. Potts of Ventnor, on the Isle of Wight. A study by Gerry Pearce has now been uploaded as a webpage and is available for viewing either from the Main Menu above or via this direct link. For a few entries there are only copies of images from the Pattern Books - If you have any actual pieces please forward a photo to Gerry Pearce for inclusion in the study.

Magazines Online
Back copies of the Shelley Group magazine are now available online for MEMBERS ONLY. This, combined with our Freefind search engine, offers an enormous resource for enthusiasts of Shelley and Wileman wares. All magazines from issue 25 onwards are now available to view. Another good reason for becoming a member!

Stoke on Trent City Archives - Shelley & Wileman Pattern Books
You may have seen the news that the City Central Library building has been sold by the City Council, and the Stoke on Trent City Archives which houses the Shelley and Wileman Pattern Books, will be moving to a new home at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery just next door. This will affect the on site services available from 5 December 2022 for several months. More detailed information is available on our Pattern Books page.

Identifying Shelley and Wileman Pieces
Our simple to use guide showing how the resources of this site may be used to facilitate the indentifcation of Shelley and Wileman  pieces, has been updated to reflect additional material now available.

Join the Show
Visitors to this site will know that our Home page features a slide show illustrating some of the wonderful Shelley and Wileman wares. The selection of these images is usually made by our webmaster. In the coming months we plan to involve members and invite you to submit your photos from your collections to be included. We aim to offer a varied slideshow every few weeks to appeal to a wide audience so it doesn't matter if your collection is based on jelly moulds or Intarsio - if you like it then send it in. Multiple photos may be submitted but may be separated and used over several months to meet our aim. Photos should be sharp and preferably taken against a plain background so that we can easily change the background if required. Chintz on a 'busy' background is not ideal! The source of all photos will remain completely anonymous. Please send your entries to - Thank you.

Become a Member On-line
It is now even easier to become a member of the Shelley Group. The whole process including payment may now be completed on-line by following the link on the Become a Member page. We look forward to you joining us!

Page Updates
The following pages have been updated recently:

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We have a Facebook page on which you may post any comments or photos of your favourite pieces. In particular you may click on the icons at the foot of any page to 'Like' or, better still, 'Share' the site with your friends. We are always looking for new members so if you have an appreciation for Shelley and Wileman wares why not join us. You can read more about the Group on this site or email our membership secretary with your phone number for a chat.