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Teapot Shapes v2

(Uploaded 21/04/24)

This page shows examples of all the known teapot shapes of the Wileman and Shelley potteries in alphabetical order. The images are not necessarily to scale relative to each other. New shapes continue to be discovered so if you have a shape that is not shown here, or have one that is listed but without a photograph, please email Teapots were not normally included as part of a teaset (other than early sets on trays for two and for four) and had to be purchased separately. Whilst some were designed for specific cup shapes, others were generic and suitable for more than one shape. The Pattern Books rarely showed names for the different shapes so the names shown below have been ascertained by comparison with cup shapes and catalogue photographs. Those shapes marked 'Unknown' means whilst the shape has been identified, it has not been possible to ascertain the factory name (if any) for the particular shape. Please see additional Notes at the foot of this page for items marked with an asterisk (*).


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China Teapots

  (1) 'Plain' and 'Chippendale' are known only from the Pattern Book entries.
  (2) 'Unknown 6' and 'Unknown 7' are known only from Registration submissions.  

  (3) 'Queen Anne (early) was previously known as 'Georgian'. It was also produced in a silver finish which led to it being incorrectly         called the 'Silver' shape.
  (4) Character teapots were manufactured representing eleven politicians and notables of the early 20th century.
  (5) It is not known whether 'Hyderabad', made for the Nazim of Hyderabad, was intended for tea or coffee.
  (6) 'Empress' was previously listed as 'Unidentifed 5'.

Further details are contained in the 'Shelley and Wileman Teapot Shapes' booklet published by and may be obtained from the 'Australasian Shelley Collectors Club'.
The assistance of Bruce Sandie and Chris Davenport in compiling this page, is acknowledged with gratitude.