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Shelley Study - Teapot Shapes

This page shows examples of the known tea and coffee pot shapes of the Wileman and Shelley potteries in alphabetical order. All of the pictures are to a fixed width and are NOT to scale relative to each other. We know that there will be gaps, so If you have a shape that is not shown here please email us with details.

China Teapots
Alexandra Teapot Auto Teapot Avon Bristol
Carlisle Teapot
Alexandra Auto Avon Bristol Carlisle
Children's - Hilda Cowham Children's - Mabel Lucie Attwell - Duck Children's - Mabel Lucie Attwell - Mushroom Children's - New York Dainty - Floral Handle
Children's - Hilda Cowham Children's - Mabel Lucy Attwell Duck Children's - Mabel Lucy Attwell Mushroom Children's - New York Shape - Dutch Children Dainty-Floral Handle
Dainty (small) Dainty (large) Dainty White Tea Kettle Dainty Chocolate Dainty Coffee
Dainty (small) Dainty (large) DaintyWhite Kettle Teapot Dainty Chocolate Pot Dainty Coffee Pot
Daisy Ely and Kent Empire Eve Foley
Daisy 6075 Ely and Kent Empire 6888 Eve Foley 6075
Gainborough (early) Gainborough (late) Globe Henley & Cambridge Ludlow
Gainsborough (early) Gainsborough (late) Globe Henley & Cambridge Ludlow
Mayfair Mode & Vogue New York New York (late) Oleander
Mayfair Mode and Vogue New York New York (late) Oleander
Queen Anne Regent (small) Regent (large) Safety (Globe Shape) Safety (Victoria Shape)
Queen Anne Regent (small) Regent (large) Safety Unspouted Safety Unspouted
      Globe shape Victoria shape
Shell Silver Silver Spiral Square
Shell Silver Silver Spiral 3083 Square
    (Real Silver)    
Stirling (Pole Star) Tulip (early) Tulip (late) Victoria (early) Victoria (late)
Stirling Pole Star Tulip (early) Tulip (late) Victoria (early) Victoria (late)
Victoria Windsor Windsor Coffee    
Victoria Windsor Windsor Coffee    
Earthenware Teapots
Faience Pat No.3117 Faience Pat No.7008 Imperial Crown - Intarsio No,3183 Imperial Crown - Faience No,7666 Oriental Teapot - Intarsio No,3081
Faience Faience Imperial Crown Imperial Crown Oriental Teapot
Pattern No. 3177 Pattern No. 7008 Intarsio No. 3183 Faience No. 7666 Intarsio No. 3081
Oriental Teapot - (Spano Lustra) Oriental Teapot - Faience Character Teapot - Intarsio No.3360 Character Coffee Pot - Intarsio No. 3373  
Oriental Teapot Oriental Teapot Character Teapot Character Coffee Pot  
"Spano Lustra" Faience Lord Rosebery
Intarsio No.3360
Lord Salisbury
Intarsio No.3373