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  Shelley Vogue & Mode Designs      
    Title Shelley Vogue & Mode Designs 1930 - 35
    Author Rick Hubbard
    Publisher Annodata Print Services
    Date 2011
    ISBN -
This book is a collectors guide to Shelley Potteries Vogue and Mode designs from 1930 - 35. It is a handy A5 size soft back book which consists of 94 pages including over 120 colour pictures and chapters covering The History of Shelley, Eric Slater, The Jazz Age, Vogue & Mode Shape Guide, Composition of Sets, Backstamps and Pattern Numbers, Period Advertising and Catalogues, Pattern Index, Pattern Guide, Unseen Patterns, Non-Pattern Book Numbers, Collectors Guide. It is a must for any Shelley or Art Deco enthusiast.