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  A guide to Wileman/Shelley minature cups and saucers      
    Title A Guide to Wileman/Shelley Miniature Cups and Saucers
    Author Ron Hoffman
    Publisher Distributed as an eBook by NSCC for Shelley club members only.
      (Password protected*)
    Date August 2016
    ISBN N/A

This  book provides a comprehensive listing of miniature Wileman/Shelley cups & saucers “verified as existing” as of August 2016. The compilation is intended as an ever-evolving “work in progress” as miniatures not represented in this listing continue to surface with some regularity. The compilation is presented alphabetically by pattern name (Schedule 1 ), followed by a listing by ascending pattern number (Schedule 2) & lastly, photos listed alphabetically by pattern name. (Schedule 3)

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