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  Shelley Weekend Talks Daventry 2015      
    Title Annual Weekend Talks 2015
    Author Various
    Publisher Shelley Group
    Date 2015
    ISBN -

This A4 comb-bound book contains transcripts of the talks given at the Shelley Group Annual Weekend in Daventry in 2015.
Talks included:

- 'Blue and White at the Shelley Potteries' - John Barter and Linda Ellis
- 'The Many Faces of Faience' - Character Tea Pots by Wileman - Carl and Eileen Gore
- 'Wileman Commemorates the American Pilgrims...and another group with the same artwork' - Peter Porrazzo and Carolyn Keating
- 'The Jazz Age' - Shelley in the 1920's - Kay Rush
- 'Where shall we go for tea?' - Shelley tea ware and matching tea pots named after geographical locations - Elaine Whittaker
- 'The Sky at Night' - Planets, constellations and lamps - Olwen Dudgeon