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  Annual Weekend Talks 2018      
    Title Annual Weekend Talks 2018
    Author Various
    Publisher Shelley Group
    Date 2018
This A4 24 page book contains transcripts of the talks given at the Shelley Group Annual Weekend in Telford in 2018.
Talks included:
- '100 Years of the Royal Air Force' by Chris Whittaker
- 'Time for Ladies: Marking the Centenary of Women's Suffrage' by Gina Bird
- 'Clockwise' - Keeping time with Shelley/Wileman - by Sheila Aves and Gerry Pearce
- 'RayReynold's Prizes' by Chris Davenport
- 'A Stitch in Time' - Needlework terms in the world of Shelley - by Olwen Dudgeon