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  Milk  Jugs      
    Title Annual Weekend Talks 2019
    Author Various
    Publisher Shelley Group
    Date 2019
    ISBN -
This A4 24 page book contains transcripts of the talks given at the Shelley Group Annual Weekend in Telford in 2019.
Talks included
- 'Milk Jugs' by Olwen Dudgeon
- 'Around the World in Eighty Pots' - a 'Jules Verne' tour of the world in Shelley/Wileman pieces - by John Barter
- 'Countryside' - Various aspects of country life as shown through Shelley/Wileman patterns - by David Deller
- 'Square Shape' by Dick Gapen
- 'Original Drawings and
Designs from the Factory' by Chris Davenport
- 'Five Good Men' - Five members of the Shelley Group and their collections - by David Cox