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  Shelley Potteries      
    Title Shelley Potteries
    Author Chris Watkins,William Harvey and Robert Senft
    Publisher Barrie & Jenkins Limited
      3 Fitzroy Square
United Kingdom
    Date April 1990 (reprinted by Forsyth Consultancy Ltd, Richmond Surrey in 1994)
    ISBN 0 9516525 0 8  (reprint  0 09 1432707)

As the title suggests, this book documents, in chronological order, the rise and demise of the Shelley factory, its production and those members of the family who worked at the pottery. It also gives details about other events which had an affect on the company. The appendices contain backstamps, pattern numbers, registered design numbers and a chronology of the firm. The hard back book has over 175 pages and contains some colour places and many more black and white photographs and illustrations. Despite the inaccuracies, (due to lack of knowledge at the time of writing), this book has become the bible to Shelley collectors.