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Shelley History - The People

Kenneth Jack Shelley (1895-1933)

Kenneth Jack ShelleyBorn at Longton in 1895 and christened Kenneth Jack, he was a twin, his brother was Vincent Bob. Around 1913 he attended Birmingham University where he studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. As he had started the course he did not have to sign up for WW1 and was allowed to complete the course. On the completion of the course in 1918 he returned home and started to work at the factory alongside his father and two brothers who had returned from WW1. He became known by his middle name and was referred to as Mr Jack at the factory. A cup shape was named after him using his first name Kenneth and was introduced around 1920/21. With his accountancy qualifications gained at University he took over the financial side of the business.
Around 1920/1921 both brothers enjoyed motoring in their new MG Sports car. These journeys took them to Llandudno, where in the grand hotels they enjoyed dancing. It was on one of these occasions the brothers met two friends, Doris Hammersley and Eileen Nelson. On the 17th October 1923 Kenneth Jack married Eileen Nelson in a double wedding with his twin brother who married Doris at Alsager, Cheshire. After returning home from honeymoon he lived next door to his brother in houses that had been built for them on Barlaston Road Trentham.
The company registered the Shelley name in 1925. During this year the company greatly increased its advertising budget probably on the advice of Kenneth as he was the one who controlled the finances.
In September 1925 his first daughter Eileen June was born and in October 1927 his second daughter Juliette Faye was born.
In 1929 Kenneth Jack was given more formal responsibilities when the company ‘Shelley Potteries’ was formed. He became an equal shareholder along with his father and brothers.  
In November 1933, Kenneth Jack was admitted to the North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary where he died on the 16th following an abdominal operation, he was 38 years old.