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Fake Backstamp Identifier


The Fakes
Fake Shelley fine bone china back stamp

1 - Letter 'F' leans.

2 - Top loop of 'B' is too short.

3 - Top of Sheld should have points not curves.
4 - All letters in 'ENGLAND' should be even in size.
   - 4a - 'N' is too short.
   - 4b - 'A' is too short.
   - 4c - 'N' is askew.
5 - Script should have steeper angle between 'S' and 'H'.
6 - Loop should be more open between 'E' and 'Y'.
7 - 'Y' should have open loop at bottom.

Courtesy of Chintz Net.

Fake shelley cina back stampNote the dot after Shelley. This arrangement of words has never been used

The Genuine Backstamps

Genuine Shelley fine bone china back stampShelley China Back stamp1Shelley China Back stamp 2

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