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(Updated 22/04/18)


Shelley Group Annual Weekend 2018
Just 5 days to go until the next fabulous Annual Weekend packed with talks and other entertainment as well as another opportunity to visit the Shelley Pattern books. Please remember to bring your papers for the AGM which will take place on the Saturday afternoon. We look forward to seeing you there. If you are not attending this year please make a special note for 2019 - it's an event not to be missed!

Japan Ware
The National Shelley China Club have recently included a study of Shelley and Wileman Japan ware to their website following a talk given by Carolyn Keating at their last conference. This study has kindly been made available to all collectors and we have included a new page - Japan Ware - on our site with links to this study. Take a look.

The new Cup Shapes book (3rd Edition) by Bruce Sandie from Australia has now arrived in the UK and may be purchased through the Shelley Bookshop. Also back in stock are the Crested Miniatures book and the Teapot Shapes book.

New Slideshow
Our new slideshow is titled 'Once Upon a Rhyme' and features the nurseryware of Mabel Lucie Attwell, Hilda Cowham and Linda Edgerton'. The slideshow may be accessed via the link above.

John (Jack) Heron Collection - Auction
On 19 November 2017, Hawleys Auctioneers held an auction at Beverley Racecourse which included a number of interesting items from the collection of Jack 
Heron. Jack was the Decorating Manager at Shelley prior to Ray Reynolds and as well as some special china pieces, he had some original artwork from Hilda Cowham and Mabel Lucie Attwell which had been commissioned by the Company. A selection of the lots are featured in a separate page which may be accessed from 'Noteworthy Lots' or via this link.

Shelley Periodical Index
The Shelley Periodical Index produced by our sister club in USA, detailing past magazine articles and other items, is now hosted on our own website. As well as being able to be interrogated through Microsoft Excel, all the data can be accessed through our search engine 'freefind'. This makes searching for specific articles much easier and as the website expands, this facility will provide greater benefit. Try it out.

Shelley Study
Three new pages have been included under this section.

- 'Research at the National Archives, Kew' - to assist those planning a visit to the Archives for the first time.
- 'Pattern Books' - originally an item on this page but has now been given a separate page under 'Shelley Study'.
- 'Identifying Shelley and Wileman Pieces' - a guide primarily for the new collector.

Shelley Shop & Library
A number of new items are available for purchase from the Shelley Shop including summaries of Annual Weekend talks. The Library page has now been streamlined and links to the Shelley Bookshop are now provided from each book review page

Annual Report to Charities Commission

Although we are no longer required to produce detailed accounts to the Charities Commission, we do provide an annual report on our aims and activities. Read the report to 31 October 2016 here. The report for 2017 will be available shortly.

Page Updates
The following pages have recently been updated:
- Noteworthy Lots
- Recent Events
- Shelley Shop - Reference Books & Giftware Items
- Other Sites of Interest
- Diary - new I.A.C.F dates for 2018 now available